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From 2019 onwards, the monthly sessions will not have any pre-defined topic for consideration. Instead, a topic will be determined by the discussions on the mailing list and other questions brought up in the preceding month or so. However, after each session the intention is to provide some notes providing the most useful hints and tips, or other information, that came out of the meeting. For this reason, only the dates are provided in advance, and links to the notes added after the meeting.

Diaries for previous years contain links to the notes from each month.

24 Jan

Discussion comments can be found here (pdf).
Ergonomic mouse, NAS, Eject, Firefox, Printer, Scanner, e-mail addresses, routers, data destruction.

28 Feb

My apologies, but no comments were recorded for this month.

28 Mar

Discussion comments can be found here (pdf).
First party isolation, DuckDuckGo privacy essentials, Privacy Badger, uBlock, uMatrix, Adblock Plus, and Private browsing.

25 Apr

Discussion comments can be found here (pdf).
Dictionaries in LibreOffice, whether to use LVM, malware protection (inc. Android?) use of Linux repositories, emblems in file browser, adding new users.

23 May

Discussion comments can be found here (pdf).
System application details, hardware details, cpu characteristics, memory usage and more.

27 Jun

Discussion comments can be found here (pdf).
What are Linux packages in Debian based systems? What are Unix links? How do I create a form as a pdf for others to fill in?

25 Jul

We talked about simple editing of video files, but, sorry, there are no notes.

22 Aug

Discussion comments can be found here (pdf).
LibreOffice Autotext and First page style. Change From address in Thunderbird. Firefox containers. How to create a bootable drive for a new Mint installation.

26 Sept

Discussion comments can be found here (pdf).
Use of Social Media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Encrypting DNS look-ups in Firefox, to stop eavesdroppers seeing which sites you visit.

24 Oct

Discussion comments can be found here (pdf).
Thunderbird: setting spell check language, defining filters to manage incoming e-mail.
Firefox: Blocking trackers when web browsing, synchronising passwords between devices.

28 Nov

Nick Prudden gave a talk on virtual machines, including how to prepare for one, obtain a suitable image, install it and use it. His presentation is here (pdf).

26 Dec

Christmas - no meeting