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25 Jan

Firefox - latest features (Andy Pepperdine)

The new Firefox has some more features that it may be worthwhile knowing about. We only touched the surface of what Firefox is capable of, but there are 8 pages of notes here (pdf).

22 Feb

Question and Answer

An opportunity to get answers to difficulties. The notes from the resulting discussion can be found here (pdf).

22 Mar

Using wifi to transfer data

How can you transfer photos from your phone to your laptop using the wifi on your router? We looked at Caja, the version of Nautilus installed on my Mint system. Some features may not be present on other file browsers. The notes are here (pdf).

26 Apr

Use of disk space

What is saved where, and when should you try to clean things up. The notes are here (pdf).

24 May

General discussion

This is an opportunity to discuss any news items or other topics that you would like to raise, other than technical questions.

28 Jun

Libre Office - Calc (Andy Pepperdine)

A look at some of the less well-known, but useful, things. The notes are here (pdf).

26 Jul

Questions and Answers

What are the technical difficulties you have encountered?

23 Aug

Video and audio calls and conferences under Linux

Video and audio calls have been a problem, but is that still true?

27 Sept

Inter-device communications

Let PCs talk to phones and tablets - transferring files etc..

25 Oct

Question and Answer

Meet and discuss anything you like.

22 Nov

Turning pictures into text

We talked about the use of the tesseract optical character recognition package to convert pictures to text. There was also some mention languages and fonts. The notes for the meeting are to be found here (pdf).

27 Dec

Christmas - no meeting