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26 Jan

Favourite applications (Various contributors)

We all have favourite applications, some which others may not have heard of or did not know they needed. What are yours?
The outcome of the presentation is here as pdf.

23 Feb

Question and Answer

An opportunity to get answers to difficulties.
The notes from the resulting discussion can be found here (pdf).

23 Mar

E-mail clients (Andy Pepperdine)

Although Thunderbird is often recommended, it is not the only one. What are others like?
We looked at Geary and Sylpheed, and the notes are here (pdf).

27 Apr

Browsers (Andy Pepperdine)

Firefox is almost ubiquitous, but it is not the only browser. What could the others be useful for? Do they have advantages?
There are a surprising number of browsers available, and a note on each that was mentioned this month can be found here (pdf).

25 May

General discussion

There was a change of plan as few came on a glorious day. The talk will be given next month instead.

22 Jun

Search engines (Andy Pepperdine)

Apart from Google, whose name has been verbed, what are the advantages of the others that are around. How many do you know?
This topic needed to be revisited, as more are now available, and others have either stagnated or disappeared. The notes are here (pdf).

27 Jul

Questions and Answers, including upgrading to Linux Mint 18

Thank you to Mike Godfrey for hosting this. The notes are here (pdf).

24 Aug


What is going on in the technical world you ought to know about? The ones we discussed are here (pdf).

28 Sept

Android Apps

We all now seem to have smartphones, so this will be about what favourite appplications you ahve installed on your phones and tablets.
The notes about recommendations and comments are found here (pdf).

26 Oct

Question and Answer

Meet and discuss anything you like. The notes are here (pdf).

23 Nov

Online safety

How can we protect ourselves from fraud, scams and other nasties? The notes are here (pdf).

28 Dec

Christmas - no meeting