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28 Jan

Encryption / Security / Passwords (Andy Pepperdine)

Repeat of what encryption is, what you can or should encrypt and how to protect your data and communications.

25 Feb

Question and Answer

Another chance to air any difficulties. We covered a few topics, but mostly getting addresses exported from Thunderbird, what to do when a Linux system freezes, and how to transfer files easily to an Android device. The notes are here as pdf.

24 Mar

Android (Roger Hurley)

Android devices are becoming increasingly popular and so there is a desire to know more, and be able to get more out them. A copy of the presentation is here as pdf.

28 Apr

DigiKam (Andy Pepperdine)

How to save and organise all your photos. This repeated some things from April 2014, but the additions are now added here (pdf).

26 May

Bitcoin (Andy Pepperdine)

A digital currency? How does that work, then? Who is in charge? Can you trust it? The presentation is found here (pdf) or here (odp).

23 Jun

Question & Answer

Another chance to get those pesky issues solved.

28 Jul

Backups (Andy Pepperdine)

An oft-forgotten area. How and how do you know whether it has worked? When and how to schedule, what to back up and how frequently.
We looked at the backup application backintime here (pdf).

25 Aug

Gnucash (Andy Pepperdine)

Money management is not often considered, but Linux has an app for that. The very brief notes on starting it up are here (pdf).

22 Sept

Syntax of terminal commands (Andy Pepperdine)

The commonest is the Linux bash shell. This session some basic concepts and syntax, including putting values into variables and placing the results in a command line, as well as how to redirect inputs and outputs, and how to route the output of one command into the input of another. The notes are here (pdf).

27 Oct

Question and Answer

More solutions will be offered to your problems.

24 Nov

To be announced

Cancelled due to a personal commitment

22 Dec

Christmas - no meeting