FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)
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22 Jan

Shell Scripting (Andy Pepperdine)

It's 5 years since we looked at any shell scripting for Linux. This will be an introduction to more simple Unix commands that are remarkably useful. Preliminary notes are here (pdf).

26 Feb

Question and Answer

Another chance to air any difficulties. Only minor matters were examined, so there are no notes for this month.

26 Mar

Alternative Communication Applications (Andy Pepperdine)

There are many alternatives to e-mail and Skype. This session covered only the acquisition of an account and simple conversations in Pidgin. The notes are here (pdf).

23 Apr

Remote Logins and Remote Shell Scripts (SSH) (Andy Pepperdine)

This is a more advanced session about remotely controlling another machine by logging in to it to do administrative tasks. This is necessary to know when considering how you want to manage a file server. The notes are here (pdf).

28 May

Network Attached Storage (NAS) (Andy Pepperdine)

With the advent of boxes that can store vast amount of your data available off the shelf, we will look at one of them, its strengths and weaknesses and other similar matters. The session consisted mostly of discussion of why one would want one and how it might be used. The more detailed notes can be found here (pdf).

25 Jun

Question & Answer

Another chance to get those pesky issues solved.

23 Jul

Firefox revision (Andy Pepperdine)

A summary of some features in Firefox that you may not ahve seen, inclusing the icons on the toolbar, some context menu items, a review of security and privacy options, and a couple of add-ons. The notes are here (pdf).

27 Aug

Inkscape - a drawing package - part I (Andy Pepperdine)

Simple description of what it is and some ideas of what it can do for simple jobs. Trivial notes are here (pdf).

24 Sept

Inkscape part II (Andy Pepperdine)

Further examination of Inkscape.

22 Oct

Question and Answer

More solutions will be offered to your problems.

26 Nov

Packages in Linux distributions (Andy Pepperdine)

What are packages? Where do they come from? What are repositories?.

24 Dec

Christmas - no meeting