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23 Jan

Question and Answer

Another session devoted to any problems that you have encountered and what solutions you either found, tried, or help you need.

27 Feb

Conditional Text and mail merge with LibreOffice (Andy Pepperdine)

It's time we went over some more things in LibreOffice. This month we cover customising and printing of form letters or mailing labels with text supplied from a spreadsheet, using Writer and Calc. The notes can be found here (pdf).

27 Mar

Own Cloud (Andy Pepperdine)

With interest increasing on how to make use of a cloud, OwnCloud allows you to create your own, and be independent of commercial offerings.
But how easy is it to implement? And what do you really want clouds for? The discussion brought out some useful comments.

24 Apr

Photo management (Roger Hurley)

How to retrieve and manage your photos. What are the alternatives? If there is time perhaps some very simple editing possibilities.
The notes from Roger's excellent talk can be found here as a pdf file.

22 May

Printers and Linux (Andy Pepperdine)

Printing from Linux used to be a hassle, but has improved immeasurably over the years. There are still problems with some models of printer, and this session will discuss where to find the support needed to get what you want from your printer.
Unfortunately I did not find time to write this up.

26 Jun

Question & Answer

Another chance to get those pesky issues solved.

A good session with some good questions, covering cetificates for websites when browsing the internet, buring a music CD on Linux with Brasero, a discussion on when it is the right tiome to upgrade form one release to another, discovering what release you are on, and changing the application associated with a filetype. The outcome is here as a pdf file.

24 Jul

Upgrading to Linux Mint 17 (Mike Godfrey)

Mike gave a demonstration of how to upgrade to Linux Mint 17 with a presentation (pdf) and notes (pdf).

28 Aug

Revision of Libre Office (Andy Pepperdine)

It's a long time since we first looked at OpenOffice, and LibreOffice is basically the same. However, there have been some changes, and a refresher has been asked for.

25 Sept

How to find out about your Linux system (Andy Pepperdine)

Linux comes with a lot of small utilities that can help you see what is going on, and what type of system you have. This month we llok at some of these. The preliminary here as a pdf file.

23 Oct

Question and Answer

Another general session - bring along your problems and let's find some solutions.
Most of these turned out to be about Thunderbird. The notes are here as pdf.

27 Nov

LibreOffice Impress (Andy Pepperdine)

This month we talked about the LibreOffice presentation application Impress and some slightly more advanced features. The notes are here as pdf.

26 Dec

Christmas - no meeting