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24 Jan

IP addresses and home networks (Andy Pepperdine)

We discussed what IP addresses were, how they are assigned, and what a router does. The notes (pdf) contain the real basics to understand how a message gets to where it is to go.

28 Feb

Question and Answer

Another session devoted to any problems that you have encountered and what solutions you either found, tried, or help you need. We covered some tips for Thunderbird and Firefox - notes are here (pdf).

28 Mar

How to use Google to get answers to your questions (Andy Pepperdine)

Do you sometimes find it difficult to get answers to what you think is an obvious question? Perhaps you are using the wrong keywords, or are swamped by irrelevant topics. This month we'll consider some methods of refining a search to what you really want to know about.
In fact we did not cover this well at the meeting, but some notes are available here (pdf) including some comments about search engines and browsers.

25 Apr

Advanced LibreOffice features (Andy Pepperdine)

LibreOffice is the free substitute for Microsoft Office, and has many advanced features that you may not be using. We will look at some of the more useful. The notes are here (pdf) and it covers Writer templates and forms, protecting your documents from accidental overwriting, as well as mail merge from a Calc spreadsheet. Also some other tips about use of names in Calc.

23 May

Libre Office macros in Calc (Andy Pepperdine)

Libre Office macros in Calc and Writer

27 Jun

Question & Answer

Another chance to get those pesky issues solved.
We did not discuss a great deal this, but mentioned Backups, restriction Google searches by time, and time of files for photographs. here was also mention of cloud storage. The notes are here (pdf).

25 Jul

This meeting was cancelled due to holidays

22 Aug

Thunderbird and mail servers (Andy Pepperdine)

A refresher on what Thunderbird can do, and how to look after your e-mail when you wish to access it from more than one place. POP v IMAP, and other questions.
The notes from this session are here (pdf).

26 Sept

Android - what is it? (Mike Godfrey)

Mike gave us a feel what was involved when trying to investigate Android and its capabilities. Touch screens do not transfer to mouse / keyboard operations.
Some notes on what Android is (pdf) and some more on Mike's experiences when investigating (pdf) the system.

24 Oct

Question and Answer

Another general session - bring along your problems and let's find some solutions.

28 Nov

Some Add-ons for Firefox

Firefox has lots of add-ons. Some of them can help you discover where websites are located, and give other useful information about your browsing habits, and how exposed you may be to information gathering.

We mentioned ten add-ons that might be of interest for safety reasons, and the pdf notes are here.

26 Dec

Christmas - no meeting