FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)
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22 Jan

Shell scripting (Andy Pepperdine)

Unix is developed around the easy stringing together of simple commands to do more powerful things. What are the essentials? The notes for this session are here (PDF).

26 Feb

Ubuntu question & answer session

Several questions had come up in e-mail exchanges before the meeting, which led to a lively discussion and swapping of information. My thanks to Mike Godfrey for a significant input to the occasion. The notes from the event are here (PDF).

26 Mar

Gnucash (Andy Pepperdine)

The financial package is simple to use for keeping track of private accounts.

This session was a learning exercise for all of us when a new installation was shown and ledgers set up for a current account and a credit card, with examples of how to reconcile bank statements against them. There are no notes since we were all feeling our way.

23 Apr

Networks (Mike Godfrey)

Mike Godfrey gave a full demonstration of how to set up a PC running Linux (Ubuntu), and another running Windows XP so that each could see data held on the other via a local switch. The notes (odt) also describe how to let Linux print on a printer that is attached to a Windows machine, and to allow two Linux machines to see data on the other via NFS. The networking area is full of jargon and acronyms, a lot of which are defined in the associated glossary (odt).

28 May

OCR - Optical Character Recognition

An example was given of scanning a document, rotating it if necessary, cropping the result, and then applying OCR with the tesseract OCR engine. The notes are here (pdf).

25 Jun

Encryption (Andy Pepperdine)

What is encryption? Public and private keys. Signing e-mail to show you sent it. Encrypting e-mail to keep a secret. Trusting public keys.
The notes for this talk are here (pdf). To prepare and give the demonstration, a script was written, that can be found here (pdf).

23 Jul

Encryption - continued

How to create an encrypted folder on Ubuntu. How to encrypt a file system on a memory stick. The notes on encrypting files and partitions, using Truecrypt are here (pdf).

27 Aug

Planning meeting

24 Sept

Making bootable CDs from an Ubuntu installation (Brian Martin)

How to make a customised CD that contains what you want from an installation for ease of re-installation if things ever go awry.

The notes for the demonstration are to be found here (pdf). There are a number of accompanying screen shots which can be found as links within the PDF file at the appropriate places. There is also an odt version of the notes here (odt).

22 Oct

U3A in Bath activities display in the Bath Pavilion

The Exhibition went very smoothly, with lots of interest in many different aspects of FOSS. Some of the posters we displayed can be found here (pdf).

26 Nov

Virtual machines (Mike Godfrey)

How to run Windows and Linux together and easily switch between them. Click these links for notes on Getting Started (pdf) and Virtualization (pdf).

24 Dec

Christmas - no meeting