Audio-visual equipment available for use by groups

The equipment listed here is owned by U3A and may be borrowed by any group. For further information and to book use of any of it, contact the Equipment Officer via the details listed on the Contact Us page of this website or in the U3A in Bath Newsletter.

Data projectors

These are suitable for projecting onto screens and walls from a laptop or other suitable equipment. They all come with standard VGA d-connectors and connecting cables. Longer cables are available on request.

Epson H314B

This is the largest and brightest of the projectors and is the only one with an HDMI connection. Suitable for larger halls. Comes with a VGA connection cable.

Sanyo PLC-XW57

Suitable for any domestic room or small hall. Comes with a VGA connection cable.

Epson EMP-54

Suitable for any domestic room or small hall. Comes with a VGA connection cable. The oldest of our projectors. (Currently the bulb is failing and will not be replaced until we need all three projectors simultaneously.)


For general use by groups we have one laptop.

Toshiba C50-A-1CK

Windows 10 installed, Microsoft Office and LibreOffice, Firefox is available as a browser. Note that an Internet connection is not necessary just to show a presentation.

Available with this, and normally kept with it, is a Kensington Presenter which enables you to move forwards and backwards through a presentation remotely.

Display equipment

This lists other equipment that can be connected to a projector for display.

Document camera Lumens DC162

This is basically a camera mounted on a flexible post to provide a way of displaying books or papers on a desk. Comes with a VGA connection and C-video cables. Available with this, and kept with it, it is a 4-way mains extension block.

Portable DVD player Logik LPD 850

This can be battery or mains powered and has outputs to display via projector or some TVs. Comes with connection cables for sound and vision to other equipment. NOT a Blu-ray player.

Audio equipment

Except the speakers, the other items must be used with a sound system of some sort. They are not stand-alone.

Computer speakers Altec Lansing BXR1120

Suitable for small room only and usable with a laptop. Only usable with the DVD player on certain DVDs, others do not have strong enough sound tracks.

Wireless microphones Prosound L59AW

Two hand-held wireless microphones. Includes base station and jack connection lead. Must be used with a suitable sound system or PA system.

Wireless microphones Prosound L60AW

One headset and one lapel microphone. Includes base station and jack connection lead. Must be used with a suitable sound system or PA system.


One small (about 1m square) white screen. Can be hung or put on its own stand. This item was donated by Geoff Catchpole.

Cables and Adapters

These cables are in addition to the ones associated with the equipment listed above, and some are considerably longer than the standard ones.

Audio phono-to-phono

15m twin phono to phono plugs male-to-male.

Stereo to phono pair

1m cable. Male stereo mini-jack to male phono pair.

Stereo to phono pair

10m cable. Male stereo mini-jack to male phono pair.

Phono to phono connector

To connect phono pair to extension lead. Female-to-female.

Phono to 1/4” jack adapter

One pair.

VGA to VGA connector

Female-to-female VGA connector.

VGA connection cable

9m cable. Male-to-male. Together with the connector, this acts as an extension cable for laptop to projector connection.

Video extension cable

8m cable. Phono-style plugs. Male-to-female.

HDMI extension cable

10m cable. Female-to-female.

Office Inventory

For completeness, this section includes the equipment owned by the U3A which is not available to the groups and is used by the committee for office use.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 1759

Old and kept by Derek Longmore as a backup for the office machine. Currently runs Windows 7.

Laptop Samsung NP300E7A-A05

Used by the membership officer for the membership database.

Deleted Inventory

The following items are no longer practical and have been or will be discarded.

Laptop Toshiba PSL 15E running Windows XP. Not suitable for any upgrades, nor alternative systems.

Microsoft IDA Wireless optical mouse, no longer charges.