Monthly Talk 1st July


SPEAKER: Karen Evans

Adverts for DNA testing kits are constantly on TV, but what do you actually get?

This talk will cover understanding how the test works, in very general terms; getting the most from the test (what the results mean); and how to use your results to validate paper research or overcome brick walls such as illegitimacy. It also highlights the range and pitfalls of using DNA testing, particularly finding out where your family came from.

After taking a DNA test four years ago Karen became obsessed with genetic genealogy. As she says: “if any of my family stay still long enough I pop a DNA test in their hand.” Her research has led to some exciting new discoveries in her family’s past - including a murder!

The talk will also include some general tips on how to research your own ancestry.


Karen Evans was born in the Black Country and spent her working life as a school teacher. She began researching her own ancestry over thirty years ago and has become one of the country’s experts in ancestry research.

She has written extensively about the topic, with articles published in genealogy magazines in the UK and further afield. In 2019, she began writing a regular column on DNA testing and its uses in Family Tree magazine.