Monthly Talk 3rd June


SPEAKER: Dr Jamie Shae

NATO is now in its 73rd year which makes it the longest alliance since ancient times. What explains this longevity and is NATO now resting on its laurels or successfully adapting to meet the security challenges of the 21st century? After four years of Donald Trump, can we still rely on the US commitment to Europe’s defence, or is the moment when Europeans should be picking up more of the burden of Europe’s defence? Moreover, is the UK right to make NATO its number one defence priority post-Brexit?

In this talk, Jamie Shea, a former senior official of NATO and now Professor at Exeter University, will discuss how the alliance is shaping up to the challenges of major authoritarian powers such as Russia and China while also getting to grips with new transnational threats such as cyber attacks, disinformation campaigns, hybrid warfare spurred by disruptive technologies, but also increasingly the security implications of global climate change.

As the alliance defines its role for the next 20 years, Jamie Shea will pull back the curtain on some of the big debates currently taking place inside NATO HQ in Brussels.


Dr Jamie Shae, was until recently Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

He received worldwide attention during the Kosovo War, when he served as the spokesperson for NATO. He described the civilians killed by the NATO bombing of Serbia in the effort to prevent the Serbs from retaining Kosovo as the "cost to defeat an evil".