Monthly Talk 5th July 2018


SPEAKER: William Sitwell

William Sitwell reveals the heroic tale of how Lord Woolton, Minister for Food, fed Britain and its colonies during World War II.

With supply routes under attack from the Axis powers and resources scarce, it was Lord Woolton's job to fulfil his promise to Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the British people that there would be food on the shelves each week.

William, the author of "Eggs or Anarchy", will explain how Lord Woolton had to persuade the public to manage on the very limited
ration and not to resort to the black market, while at the same time fulfilling his side of the bargain and maintaining supplies in a time of crisis.

Come along and find out how Lord Woolton used every trick in his entrepreneurial book to secure supplies.


William Sitwell is one of Britain's foremost food writers and is a multi-award-winning writer, editor, critic, TV and radio presenter. He has been editor of Waitrose Food for 16 years, writes for wide variety of newspapers and magazines and is a long-standing critic on the BBC show MasterChef.
His regular show 'Biting Talk', on Soho Radio, is the UK's liveliest food and drink radio show.

He authored the critically acclaimed classic 'A History of Food in 100 Recipes', which has to date been published in eight languages. His book 'Eggs or Anarchy', which tells for the first time the remarkable tale of how Minister of Food Lord Woolton fed Britain in World War Two, was published to rave reviews in May 2016.

William Sitwell