Accessibility Policy

The Committee of Bath U3A draws all members’ attention to the fact that we try to be as inclusive as possible in our arrangements and facilities. In accordance with best practice and a fairer society the Committee calls upon all Group Conveners and hosts or hostesses of group meetings to consider the accessibility of their premises as and when arranging U3A meetings.

In order to fully participate in U3A meetings and activities, some current or prospective members may require a seat nearer the speaker (hearing impairment); nearer a screen (sight impairment); or a little extra help such as car sharing, a helping hand up the steps, a chair near the gangway and/or room for a wheelchair.

Of course, there will be individual venues and occasions (e.g. countryside walks, groups that meet at the top of town houses or adventure groups) when the venue or activity is plainly not suitable for members with marked impairments. The majority of groups should, however, be ready to encourage carers to accompany members with special needs or whenever practicable and with a little ingenuity, to adapt venues to optimise access.

Policy reviewed: 13th December 2018