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Monthly talks are now back in the Pavilion
The October talk will be held in the Pavilion.
This is great news but Covid-19 is still with us so public safety guidance must still be followed. See the box below for details of the talk.

We still need help with the Treasurer's job and the Webmaster's
Perhaps they could be done as jobshares?
See the Notice Board

u3a National newsletter
The September issue of the u3a National Newsletter is available here.

See the Notice Board for other news items.
It is no longer compulsory to carry out a risk assessment for u3a activities, but group leaders are strongly advised to complete the form and use it as a reminder prior to meetings.

Useful links
Current restrictions - Government website
Straightforward explanations - BBC website
Covid-19 symptoms, etc. - NHS website
u3a information - U3A National website
Next Talk:  7th Oct
Trials and Tribulations of working in Africa
Jenny Bowen

Next Outing:  ???
Please be patient
we're working on it.


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