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Welcome to the Study and Activity Groups section of our website

U3A groups exist because of the members, our ethos is to share – expertise, ideas, a helping hand, so if you are prepared to get involved, rather than sit back and leave it to others, then we shall continue to prosper. The best way of enjoying your interests can often be by sharing them with others.

Our members offer a wide variety of groups and activities, the groups are informal and friendly, and the social element is always an important part.

We are always happy if a member wants to start a new group, maybe because an existing group is full, or because they have a good idea which they would like to share. Our monthly Newsletter (only available to members) gives up to date information about start-ups and contact details for existing groups. If you have any enquiries, please email the Groups Adviser (see Contact Us)

Groups meet in a variety of venues, often in each other's homes, so this can have a limiting effect on numbers. We generally give the host a small contribution at each meeting, however if meetings take place in community facilities, then the group members will have to cover the cost of the hire between them.

We normally hold an Open Morning at the Pavilion in October.

Click / tap a menu button to get a list of our groups arranged by subject area or click the All Groups button to get the groups listed by when they meet. You can then click / tap a group name to go to a page giving details about it.

Useful Notes for Group Convenors and for People Wishing to Start New Groups

How to set up a new group

Group information form

Convenors - Information required for Open Morning

Keeping group members' details

Some useful tips for running a group

Procedure for hiring venues

(Some of these will open as Microsoft "Word" files which can be saved and edited. They may not be editable on tablets and mobile phones.)
Equipment That Groups Can Borrow

A range of projectors and other display and audio equipment is available for groups to borrow from our Equipment Officer (see Contact Us for the email address).

List of equipment
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