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2.30 pm - Second and fourth Friday of the month
Southdown Methodist Centre, The Hollow

We are a group of enthusiastic but not very expert players who have been learning together for about 4 years. Some of us have used a teach-yourself book, others use Youtube and we all help each other, especially with simplified fingering!

We play a mix of mostly soprano and concert ukuleles with the odd tenor and banjolele occasionally thrown in for good measure. We like to attempt tunes and sing together and have quite a collection of music. We did give a short recital at the last open morning in 2019, but we are not likely to give a concert any time soon!

We welcome new players and will give assistance with learning chords, but we don’t offer any formal tuition.

As our venue is rented, we expect all members to share in the cost which is very reasonable.

If you'd like more information, u3a members can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non‑members can email us at:

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