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2.30 pm - Usually Second Thursday of the month
The Hub, Mulberry Park, Combe Down

Due to the restrictions placed on all meetings during the Covid-19 epidemic, meetings from April onwards until further notice will be held remotely via Zoom. Messages on how to join are sent out to the science mailing list prior to it starting.

We take it in turns to talk on scientific or technological subjects, and the talks are followed by, or include, questions and discussion. Sometimes we have a guest speaker or we may play a video or audio recording. We have a variety of backgrounds and the talks are pitched at a non-specialist level and are of popular interest.The programme so far arranged for this year is given below. You can also look at topics that we have discussed in previous years by clicking here.

14 Jan Analysis of data from the LHC Nick P
11 Feb Antikythera mechanism Roger L
11 Mar Renewable energy Cliff H
8 Apr Solar System Martin Whillock
13 May Fabric washing Mike H
10 June Bioluminescence Andy P
8 July Software Ced B
12 Aug TBA TBA
9 Sept James Clerk Maxwell Richard W
14 Oct Electric aircraft David M
11 Nov TBA TBA
9 Dec New Scientific Developments in 2021 Many contributions
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