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9.00 am - Alternate Fridays
Llandegfedd Reservoir

We were very sad to lose our founder and convenor, Patrick McCarron, who died early in 2021. We missed him greatly and had to tread water for a few months but we are now planning to re-start the group in his memory.

Following a notice in October's members' bulletin we had a number of membership enquiries but we need a few more experienced sailors able to lead a crew on the water.

The Llandegfedd lake is closed for sailing until March 2022 and the staff there are keen to welcome us back so we have plenty of time to get ourselves organised.

If you would like to help this enthusiastic group back onto the water please contact the Groups Advisers as soon as possible at:

We have a core group of enthusiastic sailors but currently need more dinghy sailors qualified to RYA level 2 or above, with sufficient experience to accompany novice sailors. That said all abilities are welcome, you just need enthusiasm.

We have the dinghies, the lake, and with a fair wind we'll soon be up and running!

Here are some things you need to know:


Absolutely everyone is welcomed and catered for from experts to those trying dinghy sailing for the very first time. There is no group membership fee. The cost of dinghy hire and transport are shared out on the day.


The group began in 2012 and, after trying several venues, settled on Llandegfedd and has sailed there every season since apart from one season at Cotswold Water Park while Llandegfedd was closed for construction of super new changing rooms, etc. The lake is actually a Welsh Water reservoir but that word belies its beauty; it is so beautiful that it has been called "Wales' best kept secret" and you can see for yourself at

We sail on alternate Fridays, normally beginning in April. Travelling in as few cars as possible, we leave Bath soon after 9am and are on the water by 10.30 am but, of course, the fun begins as soon as we set off from Bath and are chatting and swopping amusing stories. We sail until about 12.30 and then beach our dinghies, de-rig them and move them to the dinghy park. Then we shower, dress and eat our picnics at picnic tables overlooking the lake.

Setting off home about 2pm, we are back in Bath by 3-3.30pm feeling heaps better for our day in the country fresh air.

We cater for all levels of ability. The boat shown in the pictures is a "Wayfarer"; it holds 4 people comfortably and is very stable.

If you are a complete beginner, an experienced (Level 2) dinghy sailor will take you out in this boat for a very gentle and enjoyable sail. On the other hand, if you are very experienced and at least Level 2 qualified, you can hire a Topper or Laser 2 on your own or a Topper Omega with others and sail as fast and furiously as you please.

It's entirely up to you!

Buoyancy aids must be worn and are included in the dinghy hire charge. The staff at the Centre are all pleasant and very helpful. The cost for the day is around £15 - £17.50 plus a contribution to your driver's motor expenses.

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