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Russian (Level 1)
10:30 am - Every Friday
Location varies

Russian Level 2 is based on the book "Ruslan 3" which is full of lively, interesting and authentic material and costs approximately £20 (but can be found cheaper on-line). The book explains grammatical points and provides exercises to consolidate learning, and it sets out to develop listening, reading, speaking and, to a lesser extent, writing skills.

It is probably fair to say that the course of "Ruslan 3" assumes a knowledge of Russian corresponding to a good GCSE standard (or in 'old money' a not especially good 'O' Level standard). It is designed to meet the needs of those who want to push on a little further. "Ruslan 3" would not suit a person who had learnt a little holiday Russian and wanted to learn a little more of the same.

Members of the class possess different degrees of competence but everyone is fully involved in all of the tasks, each finding a level of performance which suits and satisfies him/her; and no-one feels discouraged by the greater knowledge or skill of anyone else. Some people do a lot of work between lessons with the book and/or audio-visual material, others do little, but each lesson ends with a small homework assignment or preparation task. The appeal of "Ruslan 3" is that it is a systematic course which is mainly communicative but certainly does not side-step grammar, and its choice of material makes it an honest portrait of aspects of life in modern Russia.

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