2.00pm - Alternate Thursdays
Odd Down, South Bath

We are a mixed group of 8 to 10 members which would benefit from more male voices. No previous acting experience is necessary just an ability to sight read and an appreciation of the language written for stage performance. We read a wide variety of plays - Ayckbourn, Bolt, Coward, Durbridge - swapping parts to give each reader a share of 'star' parts and 'bit players'.

It is a relaxed afternoon which doesn’t mean it can’t also be challenging. Coming in on cue and acting ‘off the page’ keeps our minds active and alert. Play Reading provides an opportunity to be someone else for a while, often someone of a different age or opposite sex. We read in armchair comfort in a member’s home with no risk of stage fright and certainly no comment or criticism.

We aim to read a complete play in each session. This is followed by tea, during which we can discuss the play or just chat. Tea and biscuits plus the hire of play sets from the library costs each member about £2.00 per session.

We would welcome enquiries from interested members. If you'd like more information, u3a members can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non‑members can email us at:

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