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10.00 am - Second and fourth Wednesday of the month
Zoom meetings second Wednesday of each month
St Stephen's Church Lansdown on fourth Wednesday of each month
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The Photography & Digital Imaging Group is currently comprised of twenty one enthusiastic and welcoming photographers who meet to share their experiences, their knowledge and their photos. The popularity of this group can be best summed up in that unlike some other photography groups it does not engage in competitions, awards or the like. The programme includes a wide range of topics presented by members covering subjects such as composition and lighting, portraits and landscapes, and the technical problems of handling cameras and of editing images. Many of these topics are relevant to users of cameras and phones as well as to the many who have embraced the digital revolution. In addition there are regular gallery sessions when members can share their photos and discuss how they were produced and how they might possibly be improved. From time to time the group arranges outside visits to photogenic locations. The resultant gallery session provides a fascinating comparison of the differing interpretations of the photographers.

St Stephen’s Church offers plenty of space for growth of the group which caters for all. New members are always warmly welcomed by friendly members whether they are beginners or experienced photographers. All levels of experience and of all types equipment, from phones and simple cameras to professional DSLRs are catered for.

Anyone interested in further information or in joining the Photography & Digital Imaging Group can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non-members can email us at:

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