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Life Writing 2
1.30pm - 1st Wednesday of the month
Bath & County Club, central Bath

Life Writing Group 3 was set up a few months before the pandemic struck and had started to meet at the Bath & County Club in Queens Parade. We followed the format of the first two groups, namely to write for 10 minutes on a topic suggested by a member at the start of the meeting and then have a read through of the pieces that members had written (no more than two sides of A4).

With the onset of lockdown, five members managed to meet, initially on Zoom and then at the Royal Pavilion Cafe in Victoria Park, and we've now moved back to the Bath & County Club, for approximately the price of a coffee. Meetings a likely to continue the first Wednesday in the month at 1.30pm. We are quite proud of the fact we've kept going, but now things are easing up, we'd really like some more members to join our group. We’ve had two gentlemen join us, and another lady; getting up to 10 is our goal.

It is an ideal way to bring some discipline to the idea that you might like to tell your grandchildren or others about your earlier life or travels you have been on, or anything else that springs to mind!! Slowly you can build up a picture of the topics you cover... who knows you might even bind them into a book!! It certainly helps to keep the grey matter moving.

The group is relaxed and friendly, no formalities involved, so if you would like to join us, please get in touch. u3a members can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non-members can email us at:

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