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Contemporary Issues
Contemporary Issues Forum
European & Current Affairs
2.00 pm - Second and fourth Thursdays
Central Bath

We are a very informal group usually discussing the week's news first and then someone will present a subject with a few facts and figures such as Sustainable Energy, GM foods, Chinese influence in Africa, Putin's Russia, Refugees, Greece, North/South divide which hopefully inspires a discussion between those present.

There is no pressure on members to research a topic and it does not have to be a hugely researched presentation
..... just an introduction to a topic which will inspire a discussion.

Currently we are meeting in cafes/outdoors with a roof covering which is a temporary measure and the intention is to settle in a more permanent venue in due course. The cost is of course limited to just purchasing a drink of some sort.

We welcome new members but are not actually advertising for such until we move to a more permanent venue, but if you are interested in joining us and would like more information, please get in touch with either Wendy or Kath, our convenors. Members can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non‑members can email us at:

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