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History 1
2.00 pm - Alternate Thursdays
Manvers St Baptist Church

In normal times we meet on alternate Thursdays at 2.00pm in Manvers Street.

One thing all our members agree on is that history is alive, it's about places and events, dramatic as well as trivial, the landscape, politics, great lives and ordinary folk. This and so much more. We strive to investigate, study and share the past as a story that never fails to intrigue, amaze and delight.

Our friendly members start the year by reflecting on recent discussions and talking about where we go next. We have looked at the Bronze Age through to the Tudors with digressions into matters such as the Mughal Empire, the Ottomans, the Spanish Empire and oriental societies. Next term we plan to focus on the 17th century, with no limits on where that might take us. Generally a member introduces their chosen subject with an illustrated talk that we expect will lead to discussion, questions and answers.

Why not come along to a meeting to see if this is for you?

Call or email our convenors if it interests you. u3a members can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non-members can email us at:

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