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2.15 pm - Alternate Tuesdays
Location varies

We use "Reading Greek" (Cambridge University Press), which takes you from a complete beginner to competence in reading Classical Greek, with additional books called "The Intellectual Revolution" and "A World of Heroes", containing extended extracts from Classical authors, including Plato, Thucydides, Homer and the Tragedians.

The aim is to acquire enough grammar and experience of the language to be able to read these major authors in the original. It would take between three and four years at the rate of two hours a fortnight.

As a change from Classical Greek, we have read the Acts of the Apostles, which provides an interesting insight into the development of the language and makes a change from the complexities of Classical Greek. We will read Plato's "Apology" when we have finished our New Testament excursion.

A new course for beginners or those who learnt Greek a very long time ago will begin when the current course ends.

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