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2.00 pm - 1st Thursday of the month
'The Bubble', St. Johns Hospital, Bath

We are a group of six current members and would like to build the number up to 10.

Each member proposes a book their choice which they consider a Good Read and, in turn, present it to the group with a brief introduction giving the reason for choice and a few details about the author.

The rules are:
The presenter has read the book;
The the book is no longer than 450 pages;
The book is available in paperback.

Presentation dates are agreed for the year, allowing ample time to obtain and read the books. One or two poetry sessions may be included.

The books chosen for 2020 are:
‘The Pilot's Wife’ by Anita Shreveport;
‘The Violin Maker's Daughter’ by Sharon Maas;
‘Culhallan Army’ by Sarah Hall;
‘The Light Between Oceans’ by M L Stedman;
‘The Shiralee’ by D'arcy Niland;
‘Far From The Madding Crowd’ by Thomas Hardy;

We would welcome enquiries from interested members. If you'd like more information, u3a members can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non‑members can email us at:

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