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Gardening & Horticulture 2
2.30 pm - Second Thursday of the month
Location varies

This gardening group started in January 2018 with the emphasis on active gardening. We are all enthusiastic amateur gardeners who enjoy talking about plants, sharing our knowledge and experience, and swapping plants. We meet in each others' gardens (indoors if it is raining) once a month to look at the gardens, discuss a seasonal topic, and ask for advice and suggestions. Swapping plants has been a particular enjoyment.

Our gardens are different sizes and styles. We do not expect to see immaculate show pieces - our failures and the difficulties we face are as interesting to everyone in the group as any successes.

We have restricted our numbers to twelve for two reasons: it is difficult to fit any more people into one room and it is easier for everyone to join in the discussions.

The Quarry



Oldfield Park
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