FREE SOFTWARE and all applications for Linux and Android - mobile, laptop and desktop
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2.00 pm - Fourth Thursday of the month (except December)
Central Bath

The original name of this group was FOSS, the usual abbreviation for Free and Open Source Software, but the world has moved on and as the name was not obvious to newcomers, it has been changed to Free Software.

We consider all things connected with the Open Source and Free Software communities, including supporting one another in installing and using it on all types of hardware. We also keep an eye on developments in the political, standards, legal, copyright and patent areas where they may affect private individuals in their use of this software. We look at applications suitable for Linux and Android primarily, although many are also available for Windows.

After each meeting, it is hoped that a description of what was discussed will be put up on these pages. However, we do not have the resources to answer direct questions on any of the topics or documents here, but new members to the group will be welcomed where you will be able to talk about any issues you may have.

The background and reasons why FOSS programs were developed are described in some of the early papers. Look at the diary for 2006 for more information, as well as for April 2010, when a special paper was prepared as an introduction to the world of freely available software.

Note: Left clicking the links to PDF files of notes, and other information relating to individual meetings, will generally open them in separate browser windows. In most cases you may prefer to right click and save the files to open outside the browser.


The Index of all documents created by this group are to be found in the Document index. But note that some of these will now be out of date. Please consider the date of writing when using them for reference.

The diaries are for each calendar year. Notes associated with each session are provided by links from the description of the event for that month.

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