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9:45 am - Alternate Tuesdays
Location varies
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We are a small friendly group of embroidery enthusiasts who meet fortnightly. The group decide on a technique or a project which we would like to study for one or more sessions. Our aim is to encourage and help each other sharing our knowledge and our expertise.

A recent project has been to make the embroidered sign shown above for our group to display at U3A Open Days. Each of our members has made three embroidered letters for the project using a technique of their choice.

As we meet in members's homes our numbers are restricted and we are not actively looking for new members, but there is no waiting list and if anyone would like to join us, they'd be first on the list! All levels of experience, including beginners, are welcome, the only requirement is enthusiasm.

If you'd like more information, u3a members can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non‑members can email us at:

More examples of our work are shown below, we hope you'll find them inspiring!

U3A Open Day stand, 2017
U3A Open Day stand, 2017
Card 1
Bluebell Wood

Card (1)

Card (2)

Crazy Patchwork Bag

Christmas Cone


Cone with flowers

Flower Meadow


"H" for Hannah

Jack of Clubs

Scotland in Summer

Seaside Scene

Tea Light (1)

Tea Light (2)

Up The Garden Path

The Creative Embroidery banner, Oct.2017
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