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10.00am for a 10.15 start - First Friday of the month

Countryside Walking Group 2 was formed in 2011 when the original group had reached optimal numbers and a waiting list was building up. We operate in a similar fashion to Group 1 (see link to Group 1 above), walking within about ten miles of Bath city centre, meeting at 10:00am and walking for 2 - 2½ hours, with the start and finish at our lunch venue. Most of us enjoy the lunches as much as the walking.

We expect each member to lead a walk once a year so, with eleven walks and about twenty-two members, we can work in pairs to research and lead a walk. When planning our year's programme an established member will usually offer to lead a walk with one of the newer members, so nobody needs to worry about leading a walk. We try to minimise the group convenor's work by having two convenors with one retiring every year, so each convenor serves for two years. This ensures that nobody need worry that the convenor's job is a job for life.

Group numbers are fairly stable but two or three people leave each year so, if you'd like to walk on a Friday, please contact our convenors, we'll try to fit you in. u3a members can contact us via the details in the members’ newsletter. Non-members can email us at:

CWG2 Crossing the Bridges
CWG2 Swingers

Walks for 2022
Walks are normally on the first Friday of the month

Date Location Walk Leaders
7th Jan. Annual Planning Meeting -
4th Feb. tba Maureen & Linda
4th Mar. tba Jenny & Gill
1st Apr. tba Karen & Eileen
6th May tba Sue & Frances
10th Jun. tba
NOTE. This is the second Friday, due to the Jubilee holiday.
Eileen & Chris
1st Jul. tba Tim & Diana
5th Aug. tba Gill & Patricia
2nd Sept. tba Roger & Suzanne
7th Oct. tba tba
4th Nov. tba Sue & Suzanne
2nd Dec. tba tba
6th Jan. Annual Planning Meeting -
3rd Feb. tba tba
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